Graduate Students

Considering a Master’s or Doctorate in CANdiLab?

One of the strengths of CANdiLab is that our work falls on the boundary between psychology and neuroscience. Indeed, we strive to use psychological theory to guide our neuroscience methods, and to use neuroscience data to make conclusions about both biologically- and psychologically-relevant phenomena. This multi-disciplinary focus is both a strength and a challenge: while related, psychology and neuroscience require several non-overlapping skill sets to succeed. As such, while students with experience in either discipline can excel in the lab, the very best students have an interest in, and an ability to, excel in both disciplines.


Dr. Shane will be considering graduate students in Fall 2024/25.


The application process is highly competitive, and only a very limited number of students will be accepted into the program. If you are interested in becoming a CANdiLab graduate student, please contact Dr. Shane directly at


Along with your email, please attach:

  • a copy of your updated CV
  • a copy of your unofficial transcripts
  • a brief statement of your research interests, and
  • a recent writing sample

CANdiLab is the Clinical Affective Neuroscience Laboratory for Discovery and Innovation at Ontario Tech University