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Cutting-edge Brain Science


CANdiLab research is contributing to our developing knowledge of brain science by conducting cutting-edge research at the forefront of our field.

Influential Publications


CANdiLab research has amassed almost 3000 citations, and is consistently published in some of the highest-tier academic journals in its field. 

A Teaching Laboratory


CANdiLab students at all levels of experience and expertise contribute to our scientific research, as they craft their skills and ready themselves for careers in research, academia and beyond.

CANdiLab (The Clinical Affective Neuroscience Laboratory for Discovery and Innovation) seeks to help drive scientific breakthroughs associated with an improved understanding of the integrity of cognitive and affective processes in antisocial populations.


To achieve this goal, CANdiLab members make use of a wide variety of psychological and neuroscientific methods, including self-report instruments, cognitive and emotional assessments, psychophysiological and biological measurements (e.g. HR, GSR, cortisol), and neuroimaging methods (e.g. fMRI, fNIRS).


Feel free to peruse the site, for more information about our team, our methods, our previous research papers, and our current research priorities. If you wish to reach out, you can find out how on our Contact Us page.

for Discovery and Innovation

Clinical Affective Neuroscience


CANdiLab is the Clinical Affective Neuroscience Laboratory for Discovery and Innovation at Ontario Tech University