07 April 2024

New Website Launched!

For those of you who have been following us for awhile, you know that our old website was hacked (by Russians, or Czechs, or at least people that use an Eastern European dialect).  


Well, it's taken a while. A long while. But today we are unveiling our shiny, new and improved website!


As with our old site, we'll continue to use the website to provide important information about the lab, to highlight our personal and professional achievements, to facilitate student and participant recruitment, and to broadcast the cutting-edge science that we conduct on a daily basis. In addition, we have plans for new content - for instance, the initiation of the CANdiBlog  through which we'll discuss hot topics and theoretical issues related to psychology, neuroscience, emotion, forensics and more.  So stay tuned for that.


New site; new beginnings!

CANdiLab is the Clinical Affective Neuroscience Laboratory for Discovery and Innovation at Ontario Tech University